Arctic Grayling genetics project

The project that I was given for my participation in the Hutton program is to extract and amplify DNA out of 120 fin clips from different grayling from across the state of Alaska. I’m doing this in order to analyze the differences between samples and learn more about the genetic distance between the different areas. The main question that I’m trying to answer is: “How much of a role do the Alaska range and Brooks range play in separating populations in the state?” If these mountain ranges are effective barriers to breeding, then there could be three distinct populations of Arctic Grayling in Alaska due to the mountains. This research will give a much clearer idea of the diversity exhibited by Grayling in the state. It will also be very useful in determining if more, higher resolution research should be done because of a high amount of diversity, or if this research shows most everything there is to be found, because there was little diversity.


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